Wednesday, June 19, 2013

B is Running a Race on Saturday

Guys, it looks like I am skipping out on my regularly-scheduled-running-training-schedule to do a race on Saturday. That means that, yes, once again, I will not be doing my 7 mile run. I feel like I have hit a real low point in my training, and I think this race will be the perfect thing to get me out of my slump. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a race. Race times tend to be much faster than regular run times. I need that satisfaction right now. Its fascinating and invigorating and motivating and just exactly what this girl needs right now!

It is a pretty easy run--just 5 miles--but most of it is uphill. It will be a challenge for me since I only run on flat ground (except for that one minor bridge I occasionally pound up and down). I wish that I had someone to run it with me, but alas, Cap is living it up with her family and friends in LA and will most likely be moving that weekend. MOVING INTO THE APARTMENT DIRECTLY BELOW US. YEAH! (More to come on that.) I will be selfishly running but have promised to help in any way I can. I will especially help in the feeding department. I love an excuse to break out the charcoal!

Lovers and W's ham-hock calves. He wishes they were that big in real life.

Back to running:

I will try to stick to my regular daily runs this week, although I may switch up the order. We shall see. I had caffeine-induced insomnia last night and after I finally fell asleep, was rudely awakened by W puffing steamy breaths directly into my face. I am your typical morning grump, but when things like wayward breathing by others directly up your nostrils and rogue limbs rubbing up against you in the night and startling muscle twitches that leave the whole bed vibrating wake me up, I am meaner than a snake. It took all of my willpower to not smoosh (not so much a word as a very accurate description of what it would look and most likely sound like) W's face away so that I wasn't in his puffy breathing flight path. But instead of getting physical, I just sighed and grunted a few good times and turned over with as much bounce and force as I could. Of course, he remained undisturbed. I'm so glad..

So, OF COURSE, my morning run was derailed. But, not to fret, I plan to get in my 3 miles this afternoon. Its just that I have my final event tomorrow (Thursday) before I scramble, bags in hands, and squealing in glee up the mountain to the airport for my week-long vacay on June 29. So, I'm feeling a bit tense and stressed and am worried about getting in my runs. BUT, hello, my last event until AUGUST?!?!?! For real?! And a week on the beach in my favorite state with my favorite people?!!?


Thank God Cap and I have decided to not do the Eerie, PA run in August. I just don't think I would be ready. Because, also disrupting my training schedule will be my week-long vacay to the beach, June 29-July 6. At this point, I plan to keep up my daily runs, but am still considering what to do about my long run. Stay tuned.

A "collection" left behind by a four-year-old little girl on the steps of my museum.

On another running note, I feel like I have turned into a bit of a running snob, yet I still don't consider myself "a runner". I was mindlessly perusing some blogs the other day and ran across this one post by a blogger who is training for her first 5k. (Which is awesome! And is why I immediately felt like the biggest JERK and SNOB ever because of my first thoughts that I let spew forth on an unsuspecting and morally-incorruptible W.) She was talking about the immediate need to poop once your start on a run. I understand this. I had the same fear of "pooping myself" when I first began on this journey back in January. But that, ahem, urge and fear soon went flying out the window as my body became accustomed to running. I do realize that a lot of long distance runners have issues with their bowels suddenly emptying mid-run, but I didn't think it was something with which beginners or short-distance runners struggled. I know that my issue disappeared after the first week or two.

So anyways, I decided to read a few more of her running posts and found that she had just started her training (like maybe a few weeks ago) and was planning to run her first 5k in September.

And I was all, "Oh my Good Lord, really, lady? You need 3 months to train for a 5k? THREE MONTHS!?"

I turned to W at my last exclamation with a look of utter incredulity. I stared piercingly into his eyes to convey my exasperation at someone needing 3 months to build up to a 3 mile run. He so wasn't getting my vibes.

"What's wrong with that?" W asked.

"Its three months! That means an increase of ONE MILE a month. That's like really unnecessary," I said, while puffing out my chest, rolling my eyes, throwing back my hair, flexing my calves, and brushing off my shoulders allatonce.

W rolled his eyes and fixed onto me with his best I-am-an-all-knowing-all-seeing-all-emotionally-supporting-soon-to-be-doctor-of-everyone-who-is-not-you-B stare.

"Don't be a snob," he said. "You had to start somewhere, too."


Can't you just let me have this one!? I shouted inside my head. I mean, I nearly died on my last run--my last SIX mile run! The only thing that actually kept me running was my very vivid and real hallucination of the Grim Reaper, floating along beside me and holding his homemade "You walk. YOU DIE." sign that was decorated with skulls and polka dots.

But he was right. I was being a jerk. And I quickly remembered the summer (2011) that I trained for TWO MONTHS to run my first ever 5k.

Not only am I a jerk and a snob, but I'm a big fat hypocrite!


Anyways, I promise to bring you an amusing "Conversations with the Med Student: W Edition, II" post soon, because are you sick and tired of my running posts yet???

Please tell me you are a snob sometimes, too??

In Charleston, WV and want to run with me? Here's the info!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 3 Repeat

I guess that you can tell from the title that I once again did not conquer the 7 mile run and that would be correct.

I came really close though, but no cigar. Oddly, I wasn't as disappointed in myself as I thought I would be. (So, I hope you aren't either!) Technically, Sunday was the third time that I had run my farthest distance ever in my life. And that (un)lucky number is: 6!

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Since I have already screwed up how I am counting these weeks, I am just going to start doing it chronologically and not stick with the training schedule "weeks". I hope its not too confusing. Technically, I was hoping to accomplish Week 4 of the training schedule, but instead, I had a repeat of Week 3. So, what I deemed "Break Week" was actually the fourth week of my journey, making this the fifth week of it.

Fifth Week (Week 3 Repeat), Day 17: Wednesday, 3 miles
For some reason, I can't get my act together during the week before Wednesday. Oh well. So far (except for Break Week) I have maintained my weekly short runs without any issues, so I won't worry about it too much. I also prefer to do my long runs on Sunday as that was my pre-running day of laze, so I just seem to not have as much to do on that day, which makes the long run a little less stressful.

Again, the 3 mile runs are pretty uneventful. I should probably start working on my times, but I am trying to not put too much pressure on these runs as I still have my low points at about 1.5-2 miles. I tend to be a perfectionist with almost everything in my life, and running is one thing for which I am trying really hard to not be a complete psycho. Not that I find running fun or enjoyable, but its not like it pays the bills or is necessary for life. I'm just trying to be chill about it, you know, because I am so chill at life anyways.

Highlight of this run: I passed a woman, probably in her mid to late 30s running in the opposite direction about .15 from my 1 mile turnaround (at that turnaround, I have already run 1 mile and it leaves me 1.5 miles to a turn around and .5 back to my house). She was about 50 ft. ahead of me by the time I turned around and she had a pretty good pace going. And all of a sudden, I wanted to beat her so bad. Beat her, as in pass her and leave her in the dust. No violence. Have I mentioned that I am extremely competitive? So, naturally, I start booking it and begin gaining on her. I finally catch up to her after 1.25 miles and pass her and it was the best feeling ever. I turned around after running another .25 and passed her going in the opposite direction. She gave me the biggest smile and a wave, which made me feel even better, because that fast pace had caught up to me and I was struggling to breath for the remaining .5 mile. I wonder if she was smiling in encouragement or enjoyment at my obvious sputtering and struggling. Oh well. It was an accomplishment for me. It was the second time I passed a runner instead of getting passed by one myself!

Fifth Week (Week 3 Repeat), Day 18: Thursday, 4 miles
This run was tough. It was overcast and muggy--not hot but not cool. The clouds were low and dark and swirly and the wind kept whipping my braided pony tail around my face in cold bursts. I thought a tornado might sweep me up at any moment. (Sidenote: I have always had an irrational fear of tornadoes.) So, I was a little distracted and not in a good way. I also was getting a later start than I intended, so was feeling a little stressed. Also, it kept torrential sprinkling (that is so a thing) and stopping and sprinkling and stopping and sputtering and stopping. So, I kept ducking under trees only to have it immediately stop. Then, I'd start back and the sprinkling would start, so I'd sprint to a tree and so on and so on. Exhausting.

Also, I'm not sure what kinds of struggles I will encounter during my runs but it usually isn't what I expect. I always think it will be an inability to catch my breath that will ultimately cut my runs short, but I am usually just fine aerobically. In fact, sometimes I even close my mouth and breath quite normally through my nose just to prove to myself that it isn't a lack of lung capacity that is causing me to feel like DEATH right then. I then take account of my body to see where I am struggling. Lately, my legs from the knees down, have felt like lead for the majority of my runs. And that is a bummer. I feel like more than anything, the state of my legs, knees and below, dictate how successful or unsuccessful my runs will be.

Or, its my sheer boredom. I knew this day would come, but dang, running can be SO boring.

I don't get those people who are like, "It clears my head!"  
Yeah, because you can't think about anything else except how much it sucks to be running right now! Admit it!

Or, "I get the best ideas on my runs!"  
Really, because all of my ideas usually feature large amounts of violence or death or just near death experiences.

"I just love all the time I get to think during my runs."
I just can't stop thinking about how much farther I have to go before I can finally stop running.

None of these things are positives for me. All that time in my head just leaves me counting down every tenth of each mile. Do you know how maddening that is?!

Such a good book! I read it in a day.... yes, one day.

Fifth Week (Week 3 Repeat), Day 19: Friday, 3 miles
This run actually included a milestone. I ran my first 8 minute mile! (But don't worry, the remaining 2 miles took me about 23 minutes to complete. I mean, to say that I was dragging it for that last .5 mile would be the understatement of the century.) Right out of the gate, I could tell that I was running fast and I just went with it. I think back to it now and realize that I was flying up the sidewalk. Maybe it was my successful passing of the woman on Wednesday that boosted my confidence or just my muscle memory, but it felt good and natural!

Fifth Week (Week 3 Repeat), Day 20: Sunday, 6 miles
Going into this run, I was determined to make it the 7 miles. And thankfully, my gut agreed with me. I was still a little nervous, but nothing like the previous week. However, I still wasn't feeling all that confident.

WARNING! TMI Explosion. Leave now if you don't want to hear gross girly, runner stuff. You can come back after this paragraph though. It will be back to its normal G-rating then. You've been warned! I was on my period. I have yet to find a sports bra that supports anything, so I double-up on my long runs. I can't wear shorts on my long runs. I'm such a wimp, but the inside of my left thigh chafes. Just the left one. Weird. Cornstarch doesn't work either. I wasn't cramping during my run, but my periods always leave me tired and with a dull headache that persists even through my ibuprofen/tylenol/ibuprofen/tylenol cocktails every 2 hours (W is very worried about my liver). So, there was that. Then, my double sports bras tend to squeeze a bit too tight around my chest and mentally, for me, this means I have lost lung capacity. Finally, the only running pants I have are black and the only clean pair I had left on Sunday were super thick Nike dri-fits, which actually hold in a good bit of heat. Thankfully, it was a relatively overcast day, but with a triple layer on top (two bras and a dri-fit shirt) and my thick capri Nikes, I was hot before I had even finished the first mile.

Heat tends to be my downfall. For some reason, as soon as I get hot on a run, I can't shake the lethargy that comes with it. I felt good for the first 3 miles; struggled the next .5 mile. Convinced myself I was a machine for the next 1.7 miles. Hit the wall hard at 5 miles. I prayed and prayed that I would experience that elusive runner's high. I desperately needed it at that point. And, lo and behold! It came. And I felt like I might actually be able to go the full 7 miles. Kid you not, .25 miles later and I was right back at that wall. The runner's high is a cruel, cruel joke. By 5.5 miles, I thought my legs might just stop responding to my brain. At 5.75, I thought my heart might explode. At 6 miles, I had to stop. I was barely moving anyways and my feet were so heavy. My shoes kept scraping the pavement, too. So, I figured that rather than risk facial disfigurement due to extreme road rash from face planting, I would just go ahead and stop. And I did and I felt like CRAP.

There were no endorphins. There was no high. There was just HEAT, lots of HEAT. GOD, I was SO hot. I wanted to rip my clothes off and swan dive into the river from the path. Also, I had forgotten how to walk, or at least my legs had. The .5 mile trudge back to my apartment was the longest, most miserable I'd yet experienced in this town.

And, today, well, my calves are burning and the fact that I have to get in bikinis in two weeks is the only thing keeping this running ship sailing for the time being.

Total Mileage for the Week: 16 miles

Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 1
Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 2
Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 3
Half-Marathon Training with B: Break Week (Fourth Week)

How's your running going?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Half-Marathon Training with B: Break Week

I had high hopes for finally getting myself on schedule last week and sticking with it, but that was so not the case.

Not that I didn't run--I will break it down for you below--I just had a rather incomplete week. I am calling it my Break Week and WILL accomplish Week 4 this week.

In my line of work and especially in this part of the country (where winters are slooooow) things go from zero to ohmygodiamsoeffingbusy on May 1. I knew that this would happen, but seeing as June 1 was the first anniversary of my museum being open full-time, I thought it would take at least another year to really get in the busy groove. I was wrong. So between school tours and regular tours and the Division of Highways running path extension through our front yard and the leaning tree threatening to fall on the museum and the groundhogs and the grants and the countless meetings and luncheons and interested renters I have found little time after all of the other non-work things like live music and our friends' pool and boat and visiting friends and visiting family and day trips away and cleaning the house and gardening for anything else.

So, here is how my "Break Week" went:

Break Week, Day 14: Wednesday, 3 miles
I woke up Tuesday after yet another night of little sleep with a sore throat and decided to forego my run until Wednesday. Now, 3-4 mile runs are really no big deal to me. I'm still not running them super fast, but I hardly have any issues accomplishing them. Not that I don't struggle during the run. I definitely have my moments where I have to talk myself into the next .5 mile, but I never have the urge to stop. I think I am running these faster, but until I get a watch, we may never know! Anyways, this run was pretty basic.\

Break Week, Day 15: Thursday, 4 miles
Another uneventful run. Although, I passed a big group of cadets (?) twice during this run. (They were all in green shirts and shorts and there was a guy in the Army camo uniform and hat and boots walking down the path at the same time.) They actually helped me get through it. Every one of them said "good morning" to me, which was sweet and spurred me on a bit. I found myself running faster as I passed them. I actually really like passing anyone on the path. I always get a second wind then.

I was planning to run my 3 miles on Friday as well, but after Thursday's run, the inside of my left shin was throbbing again. I have really been struggling with that shin for the past two weeks. No amount of stretching or rubbing (there is a giant knot in my muscle) seems to help. It hurt all day and night and Friday morning was throbbing just the same. This is when things got busy and I had to make a decision. My former work in Lewisburg asked that I come and help out at their bi-annual (every other year) Homes Tour Friday evening and all day Saturday. I always love an excuse to see the folks who took a chance on a 23 year old and let me run their historical society, so I agreed to help them. I had planned to leave Charleston at 4 on Friday, but they asked if I could please be there at 5. Lewisburg is a 1.5 hour drive away in perfect weather and no traffic, so I planned on busting my butt to get everything done at the museum so that I could leave at 3. I knew Friday morning that the weekend was going to be exhausting. So that paired with my still aching shin muscle made my decision to not run Friday morning.

The Greenbrier Valley is truly beautiful in all of its pastoral glory.

No one is perfect, especially me, and sometimes things beyond our control get in the way of the best laid plans. I am not good at letting things go, so I felt guilty all day for skipping my run. I like to finish things from beginning to end without short-changing myself or what I'm doing. I still haven't really forgiven myself for cutting short my 3 mile run last Saturday by a .5 mile. I am that psycho.

But, I decided that I would still count this week (sans a 3 mile run) and get my first ever 7 mile run in on Sunday.

At least I dream big!

Friday evening in Lewisburg was great. Sure, it took me over 2 hours to get there thanks to "beach" traffic, but I got there in one piece. I got to catch up with some of my favorite West Virginians and help out where I was needed. But, I was exhausted that night and hardly slept a wink (naturally). Saturday morning, I was groggy and my allergies were acting up and my shin was still hurting! I was assigned 4-wheel-drive golfcart duty and spent 7 hours driving people up and down a hill. The gas fumes and dust gave me an immediate headache. I must have driven that cart up and down that hill over 100 times. That is over 100 conversations with total strangers, too! Do you know how exhausting that is?? I didn't! Not until Saturday at 5pm, when I just couldn't do it anymore and still had to drive home. I also had hardly eaten anything all day. And I couldn't stop obsessing over the looming 7 mile run and how I was ever going to get through it.

I finally made it home to W and our favorite Mexican restaurant and before I knew it, I was falling asleep on the couch at 9pm.

My favorite picture that I took in between driving the golf cart.

Break Week, Sunday: 7 miles 4 mile run and 1.5 mile walk
When I tell people that running for me is all mental, they think that I am crazy/making excuses/being dramatic/whining/etc./all of the above, but it is SO true. If you don't believe me, ask W. He is usually witness to my crazy internal dialogue that I actually have out loud with myself. Yes, I talk myself into and out of runs. I woke up Sunday and felt sick to my stomach. And it wasn't from the Mexican food or the margarita or the lack of food on Saturday. It was because I had a 7 mile run before me, and I just couldn't accept it. Even thinking about it now makes me feel sick. I ate a small breakfast and drank a half cup of coffee. I waited an hour. My stomach had butterflies, my heart was pounding and I was jittery, as in multiple shots of espresso jittery. I thought my heart might explode and I hadn't even donned my running gear yet! 10am, I got dressed, steeled myself for the run, walked to the door, turned around and went and laid on the bed next to W's desk where he was studying.

I'm too jittery, I told him. I wanted to ask him to check my blood pressure and my heart rate, but I knew that was a bad idea because they would both be way too high. I laid there for a few more minutes and finally decided to just get it over with.

I started to run and was immediately reduced to a hobble as my shin was so tight. It took about .5 mile for it to loosen up. After that, it didn't hurt again during the run. I decided to run a new route that day as I would be going pretty far and needed to cover more distance (so as to not get bored). I would have to run over a bridge at some point, so I decided it would be best to do that at the beginning. I was to run 2.75 miles to the end of the boulevard, turn around and run 2.75 miles back to where I started and then run .75 mile down my usual route and .75 back to where I started. When I first started running outside back in April, I would bring a water bottle with me. It helped to take tiny sips when I was really struggling. I eventually got to the point where I didn't drink during the run and by the end, the water was warm and I couldn't force myself to drink it. I stopped carrying water with me on my short runs and made it through my 5 and 6 mile run without it, so didn't even consider bringing water with me on Sunday. This was a bad idea. It was already pretty warm by 10:30 and muggy and the sun was beating down. My throat was dry by mile 1 and I still had a long 1.75 miles to go with no shade and little breeze. My only consolation was that there was a water fountain at the turnaround. That pushed me forward. So, imagine my complete dismay when I stumbled up to the fountain and it was broken. I nearly cried, but I turned around and ran on. I knew that there was a water fountain in 1.25 miles right before the bridge. I somehow made it to the fountain and gulped up what I could, pouring sweat and gasping for air. I turned around to continue my run and was met with the sight of the bridge. Its not a tall bridge, but it isn't flat and in that moment, I was completely defeated. I walked the 1.5 miles back home, kicking myself the whole way, because at the top of the bridge was the most invigorating breeze and a .5 mile stretch of sidewalk lay before me in perfect and cool shade. I just didn't have it in me to start back.

So, that is how my 7 mile run turned into a 4 mile run and 1.5 mile walk. I spent the rest of the day sitting by a pool, which helped a little.

Total mileage for the week = 10 miles

I decided to make this my Break Week and WILL accomplish Week 4 this week. Cap and I have also talked about doing a different half-marathon race than the August race in Eerie, PA. Scheduling conflicts and life are making the August date a bit unrealistic. We will keep you posted!

Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 1
Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 2
Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 3

How is your running going? Do you find it as mentally challenging as I do?


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Half-Marathon Training with B: Week 3

Talk about whacky and completely off schedule? That is exactly how my Week 3 training went. I realize that it is important to be flexible, but, boy, does my commitment waver when I don't stick to a routine.

However, I was able to complete Week 3 in total, well, almost.

Week 3, Day 10: Wednesday, 3 miles
I was still recovering from my disastrous end to Week 2 so didn't make it out for my run Tuesday morning or Tuesday evening for that matter. But, Wednesday morning, I got up and eked out my 3 miles. I still heartily dislike running, but, I must say, I don't find the idea of having to run 3 miles at all daunting anymore. Sure, I dread it. Sure, I struggle at some point during those 3 miles. Sure, I haven't beaten my just under 10 minute mile average. But I am able to run the whole thing without stopping and hardly ever feel like I am dying immediately afterwards. Progress!!

At the beginning of this running journey (back in January) when Cap and I decided to sort of do this thing together, Cap and I discussed the frequency of our weekly runs. I was thinking that if I managed to run three times a week, I was doing damn good. Cap had previously been running five days a week. HOLD UP. That is not what I signed up for. So, we decided that three times a week would be adequate. It was a miracle if I got three runs in a week. I probably averaged 1.5 runs a week at that point. And look at me now! Running four days a week. Outside! On Sundays! And for 3+ miles each time.

My, how times have changed!

I say all of this to hopefully encourage any of you that might be struggling to stick with your "plan," whatever that may be. I did not start running in January in the hopes of running a half-marathon this year. I did not start running in the hopes of running four times a week. But, here I am. And its not killing me. Its actually making my life healthier. And, although the numbers on the scale haven't really changed for me, I like watching the cellulite on my thighs smooth itself out. True story! (Don't you love those gory little details?)

Week 3, Day 11: Thursday, 4 miles
This wast the first week that I had to add a mile to my mid-week 3 mile run. I was a little nervous about how I would do. But, like the other 3 mile runs, I just soldiered on and it wasn't too terrible. Although, after stretching, my hips became very stiff and I spent the rest of the day hobbling and grunting every time I had to bend over.

One thing that I have yet to understand is the myriad of ways in which my body responds to my daily runs. Lately, within the first minute of setting out, my calves (which have previously never given me any trouble) are tight and tingling and throbbing. And it takes a few miles for them to work out the kinks. I also have noticed that the bones in my feet and ankles seem to hurt after long runs. I think I need new shoes. Either way, some new part of my body is always in pain for a few hours/days now after my long runs.

Week 3, Day 12: Saturday, 3 2.5 miles
I wanted to run on Friday but my hips and my right foot were still feeling tender that morning and I ended up working until 7:30 that night. No run for B.

Saturday, Cap and J were in town for him to take his first board exam, so we got to hang out with Cap all day. She and I had talked earlier in the week about running on Saturday. I thought then that I would be on my 6 mile run, but that didn't happen. We had a wonderful morning at the flea market and the farmer's market and lunching downtown. When we got back to our place, it was 3pm and Cap had to pick J up at 4. We decided to run the 3 miles I needed for my training. I was really not feeling it, but having a partner to run with helps in the motivation department. We set off and it was so, so, so hot. I picked the shadiest route on the river (for optimum breezes), but it just didn't help. We got to the 2 mile point and Cap checked her watch and decided she needed to head back to pick up J. I was struggling, but could have kept going for 3. I was secretly glad that we had to stop. We made it 2.5 miles.

Groundhog family at work. Yes, those are FIVE baby groundhogs. They're adorable.

Week 3, Day 13: Sunday, 6 miles
W and I had been putting off cleaning the apartment for a week (or two). And by cleaning, I mean the thorough, move all the furniture and swiffer the walls and mop every nook and cranny, cleaning, so we knew Sunday was the dreaded cleaning day. Plus, Cap and J were returning Monday evening to stay with us while J took another board exam. They are both highly allergic to cats, so I like to scrub everything before they come. I decided around noon that I needed to run right then or it just wasn't going to happen. Thankfully, it was an overcast, cool and drizzly day. I set off and actually felt pretty great for the first half of the run. It wasn't until mile 4 that I started to feel the pangs. My lower abs started to ache in a way that kind of felt like someone was dragging their fingernail across the inside of my ab muscle. My hips were stiff and beginning to throb. My feet were starting to hurt. Aerobically, I was fine. My breathing was even and pretty shallow for being on mile 4. It was my body that was struggling.

Then, my neck muscles started to cramp. This is a bad sign for me. Stiff and knotty neck muscles usually plague the ends of my runs, but I still had two miles to go! Somehow, I talked myself through it and thanks to the beginnings of a downpour at 5.5 miles, I made it the full 6 and actually finished fast. I think it took me about 62 minutes. I don't have a watch and don't time myself. My Pandora mobile stopped and asked me if I was still listening towards the end. I assume it does this after an hour of listening. My phone notifications told me it stopped "2 minutes" before I finished. I'll take it. I never stopped and walked, but I obviously have some pace issues.....

I also think I tend to run just a bit farther than the allotted mileage--maybe only by .2 or .3 miles. But trust me, those .2-.3 miles bolster my confidence and TOTALLY COUNT.

After my run, I was completely wiped out and hurting. My feet were aching. It felt like every bone had been cracked. My ankles were throbbing. My left shoulder was seized up and knotted. I, someone who never, ever, ever, naps (because I can't--honestly, I can't), ate lunch and then promptly passed out for over an hour. I was not sleep-deprived. I was energy-deprived. Those 6 miles took their toll.

W and I did manage to scrub the apartment. I was miserable the whole time, but we did it. Then, I ordered Papa Johns, because there was no way I was standing at a stove. And, I freaking woofed that pizza. Six miles and an hour spent cleaning the house on an egg and grits and sandwich and chips breakfast and lunch was not enough.

I am hoping to keep somewhat of a schedule this week. I will be helping out with a Homes Tour in Lewisburg this weekend, so my long run will be on Sunday, which I kind of prefer. I always have things I want to do on Saturdays. Important things like the flea market and filling the porchony to busting with plants!

Here is my recap of Week 1.

How is your running going? Do you have trouble with your feet and ankles after long distances?