Wednesday, June 19, 2013

B is Running a Race on Saturday

Guys, it looks like I am skipping out on my regularly-scheduled-running-training-schedule to do a race on Saturday. That means that, yes, once again, I will not be doing my 7 mile run. I feel like I have hit a real low point in my training, and I think this race will be the perfect thing to get me out of my slump. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a race. Race times tend to be much faster than regular run times. I need that satisfaction right now. Its fascinating and invigorating and motivating and just exactly what this girl needs right now!

It is a pretty easy run--just 5 miles--but most of it is uphill. It will be a challenge for me since I only run on flat ground (except for that one minor bridge I occasionally pound up and down). I wish that I had someone to run it with me, but alas, Cap is living it up with her family and friends in LA and will most likely be moving that weekend. MOVING INTO THE APARTMENT DIRECTLY BELOW US. YEAH! (More to come on that.) I will be selfishly running but have promised to help in any way I can. I will especially help in the feeding department. I love an excuse to break out the charcoal!

Lovers and W's ham-hock calves. He wishes they were that big in real life.

Back to running:

I will try to stick to my regular daily runs this week, although I may switch up the order. We shall see. I had caffeine-induced insomnia last night and after I finally fell asleep, was rudely awakened by W puffing steamy breaths directly into my face. I am your typical morning grump, but when things like wayward breathing by others directly up your nostrils and rogue limbs rubbing up against you in the night and startling muscle twitches that leave the whole bed vibrating wake me up, I am meaner than a snake. It took all of my willpower to not smoosh (not so much a word as a very accurate description of what it would look and most likely sound like) W's face away so that I wasn't in his puffy breathing flight path. But instead of getting physical, I just sighed and grunted a few good times and turned over with as much bounce and force as I could. Of course, he remained undisturbed. I'm so glad..

So, OF COURSE, my morning run was derailed. But, not to fret, I plan to get in my 3 miles this afternoon. Its just that I have my final event tomorrow (Thursday) before I scramble, bags in hands, and squealing in glee up the mountain to the airport for my week-long vacay on June 29. So, I'm feeling a bit tense and stressed and am worried about getting in my runs. BUT, hello, my last event until AUGUST?!?!?! For real?! And a week on the beach in my favorite state with my favorite people?!!?


Thank God Cap and I have decided to not do the Eerie, PA run in August. I just don't think I would be ready. Because, also disrupting my training schedule will be my week-long vacay to the beach, June 29-July 6. At this point, I plan to keep up my daily runs, but am still considering what to do about my long run. Stay tuned.

A "collection" left behind by a four-year-old little girl on the steps of my museum.

On another running note, I feel like I have turned into a bit of a running snob, yet I still don't consider myself "a runner". I was mindlessly perusing some blogs the other day and ran across this one post by a blogger who is training for her first 5k. (Which is awesome! And is why I immediately felt like the biggest JERK and SNOB ever because of my first thoughts that I let spew forth on an unsuspecting and morally-incorruptible W.) She was talking about the immediate need to poop once your start on a run. I understand this. I had the same fear of "pooping myself" when I first began on this journey back in January. But that, ahem, urge and fear soon went flying out the window as my body became accustomed to running. I do realize that a lot of long distance runners have issues with their bowels suddenly emptying mid-run, but I didn't think it was something with which beginners or short-distance runners struggled. I know that my issue disappeared after the first week or two.

So anyways, I decided to read a few more of her running posts and found that she had just started her training (like maybe a few weeks ago) and was planning to run her first 5k in September.

And I was all, "Oh my Good Lord, really, lady? You need 3 months to train for a 5k? THREE MONTHS!?"

I turned to W at my last exclamation with a look of utter incredulity. I stared piercingly into his eyes to convey my exasperation at someone needing 3 months to build up to a 3 mile run. He so wasn't getting my vibes.

"What's wrong with that?" W asked.

"Its three months! That means an increase of ONE MILE a month. That's like really unnecessary," I said, while puffing out my chest, rolling my eyes, throwing back my hair, flexing my calves, and brushing off my shoulders allatonce.

W rolled his eyes and fixed onto me with his best I-am-an-all-knowing-all-seeing-all-emotionally-supporting-soon-to-be-doctor-of-everyone-who-is-not-you-B stare.

"Don't be a snob," he said. "You had to start somewhere, too."


Can't you just let me have this one!? I shouted inside my head. I mean, I nearly died on my last run--my last SIX mile run! The only thing that actually kept me running was my very vivid and real hallucination of the Grim Reaper, floating along beside me and holding his homemade "You walk. YOU DIE." sign that was decorated with skulls and polka dots.

But he was right. I was being a jerk. And I quickly remembered the summer (2011) that I trained for TWO MONTHS to run my first ever 5k.

Not only am I a jerk and a snob, but I'm a big fat hypocrite!


Anyways, I promise to bring you an amusing "Conversations with the Med Student: W Edition, II" post soon, because are you sick and tired of my running posts yet???

Please tell me you are a snob sometimes, too??

In Charleston, WV and want to run with me? Here's the info!


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