Friday, August 17, 2012


I think that it is very important to say first and foremost that this blog is absolutely not about medical school in any way, shape, or form. Sure, "medical" is in the title, but neither Cap nor I define ourselves by the choice our husbands have made to pursue a career in medicine. We are, however (and perhaps, unfortunately), affected by this choice and have had to adapt our lives accordingly.

And that, my friends, is exactly what this blog is about.

Maybe the title should have been, The C and B Chronicles: Adapting to Medical School. God, that's depressing. Besides that, its false. Maybe adapt wasn't the best word. The past two years have not been a story of adaptation. These two years have been about survival--of finding ways to entertain ourselves and enjoy life (with so very little money) as our husbands forsook us for medical school. These past two years have been a study in patience, understanding--virtues which do not come so easily to me--and have been a practice in the art of not murdering our husbands.

See what I did there?


Cap and I became friends out of circumstance. We met because our husbands were in the same class and studied together. Studying together in medical school constitutes as friendship (FYI). I guess at some point, Cap and I figured we should maybe hang out, too. Looking back, the early days of our acquaintance are a bit fuzzy.

Now, I think (and hope she agrees), Cap and I are friends by choice.

Uprooted from family and friends and all other familiar things, Cap (from Louisiana) and I (from South Carolina) have not--by choice--settled comfortably into life in the mountains of West Virginia. Our foundations in this state have been set very gingerly atop the ground, knowing full well that this is just a temporary stop along the way to wives-of-doctor-hood.

Cap and I have known each other for just over two years now. Our story could be long, is certainly complicated, and most likely absurdly boring, so I am just going to jump ahead to the present.

Three things you should know first as it will help you understand our friendship:

1. We are couple friends. Meaning that the four of us (Cap, husbands, and I) love hanging out together doing all sorts of fun things that we will thrill you with on here.

2. J (Cap's husband) and I are so very similar that it is creepy. On that note, W (my husband) and Cap are so very similar that it is ADORABLE. Probably the only things that J and I have in common are our shared loves for Cap and W.

3. The four of us were reunited this July after a yearlong separation. (That year is what could make our story long, so let's just leave it at that.)


There have been many changes since before the "long story." First of all, W and I no longer live in the same town as Cap and J. We are all still in West Virginia, but are now separated by a harrowing 1.5 hour drive through mountains and valleys.

Three days after Cap and J moved back to West Virginia, they visited us. That's love! It was an epic weekend consisting of too much queso, margaritas, music on the river, a nature hike, running down a mountain, the farmer's market, grilling out in a downpour, bloody marys, and some mosquito bites. It was a perfect weekend. The boys incessant medical school chatter hardly dampened the mood, although we did break them up a few times.

Two weeks later, Cap was back and getting dolled up to attend a local fundraiser with me. It was a great time complete with lime-a-ritas, the longest bathroom lines you've ever seen, and dancing in the mist high above the city to the tunes of West Virginia's very own country music band, who was ironically (and thankfully!) covering such hits as the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running," MJ's "Billie Jean," and others that even inspired Cap to begin a congo line.

That very next day, W and I were on our way to stay with Cap and J in their adorable house, now forever known as the Hansel and Gretel Cottage. We ate Cap's delicious home cooking (she is quite accomplished in the domesticity department), drank lots of red wine, played Mad Gab (which I am awesome at!), went antiquing, farmer's marketing, and state fairing, where we all ate enough to feed a small village and leave leftovers.


This blog was created at my insistence and has come into being because of Cap's very gracious acceptance of the task. I thought this journey was one that should be documented and surely one to laugh at later.

Cap and I now find ourselves planning and trying, in various ways, to fill our devoid schedules with as many activities as we can find to do together, so that we don't, of course, murder the husbands.

I mean, we are talking about madly searching to do things like play Bunko with women 30 years our seniors, ballet classes with retired Russian ballerinas (not really, but it is my worst fear that this will be true), and anything else remotely interesting that will stave off the boredom.

Next Thursday, we will attend the local Junior League meeting with the hopes of joining. Believe it. Me in Junior League. That is if they'll have me, which is still out for debate.



  1. Catherine!! (and Bri :) ) Hi! I just found this through that doctor's wives Facebook group. I was so sad to hear you guys had to leave Shreveport, but it looks like things are looking good for you. This looks so fun, can't wait to read more! I can't believe you've already found a soul mate in WV... that will make everything so much easier.

    1. Daci! What a small world! I was very sad to leave Shreveport, but Bri is making this move back to WV much easier! :) Hope things are going well your way!