Monday, August 20, 2012

Back in the burg.

Chris Rock once said, “If you haven't contemplated murder, you ain't been in love.”

I believe him now more than ever.  Medical school will make your husband crazy, and if you’re not careful… it will make you crazy.  But this blog, like Bri said, is not about Medical school and it isn’t about being crazy.  It’s about the hilarious, fun and strange things we put ourselves through to strive not to turn crazy.  It’s about why we drink cosmos on a park bench in the middle of town until 1am.  It’s about why we watch civil war reenactments, why I learned to knit, why Bri plays Bunko, why I take a million pictures of the same mountain, why we join Junior League, and why we blog about it.

A little bit about me  (aka a piece of the long story Bri mentioned)

I have recently been jolted back into the small town life after having a torturously short taste of living in a city with Pho soup, Indian food and a full time husband.  Two apartments, two jobs, a new niece, a new nephew and $3,500 down the drain to moving companies later…. we’re back in the burg.  The transition has been interesting, to say the least.  I moved into a beautiful little pink house that had a pleasant aroma of feline urine, slept on an air mattress while our furniture was held hostage, and mistook my neighbors for intruders. (I don’t do well in the West Virginia woods. I blame the movie Wrong Turn.)

It’s different here in the burg. And while Bri is living it up in a city with Starbucks and Panera Bread, I’m catching the maintenance lady popping a squat in our driveway (Yes, peeing in our driveway!).  I mean, for the love of all things holy… use my toilet! But things are slowly starting to groove and I’m starting to remember the little things I loved about Lewisburg… like year round pumpkin spice lattes from The Wild Bean and being able to go to Wal-Mart without brushing my teeth.  Kidding! 

Or am I?


  The new adventure
I'm currently searching for a job that will ensure life beyond medical school, murderous thoughts and the Hansel and Gretel house.  Luckily, thanks to my major character flaw of following J around the country, I have had my share of interviews. And to my surprise, I have actually managed to get the hang of them.  Today, I had an interview that carries the fate of my sanity and J's safety.  It’s nothing special, but dear friends… this is my only hope for normalcy!  Last year I attempted to be a stay at home wife.  It was fun for about two minutes. This year, I’m working towards fun that lasts at least five.

I want the job.
I need the job.
I want the job.
I need the job.

Don’t get me wrong…I love my comfy couch and staying in yoga pants all day, but I would desperately love a daily excuse to escape from the all-consuming study house!  Let’s hope I get it, and let’s hope they didn’t mistake the purple curling iron burn on my neck for a hickey!  

I’ll keep you posted, but until then...

Here's to new adventures that don’t involve medical school!



  1. I can't believe she peed in your driveway!!! I mean, I have someone do that every day, but he's also four and lives here. Lol...miss you so much Cap! Can I run away and visit you? I'll buy your coffee at the nearest Starbucks! :)


    1. Jo, I miss you like crazy! You seriously have no idea!! Please visit! I will take you to the few fun places we have, and we can go skiing or white water rafting!

      Cohen can be in my driveway anytime! lol!