Monday, July 1, 2013

Well hello, 3rd year!

It's official.  I've survived two years in Lewisburg, two years of being a student doctor's wife, four interesting moves, and best of all.... Step 1 of BOARDS!  Life is good.

These past two years have made me realize medical school is an awful lot like how my mature and awesome girlfriends describe giving birth.  In one of my girlfriend's exact words, "Don't let anyone lie to you, Cap.  Giving birth is not beautiful.  It freaking sucks!  But when it's all over, it's worth it."

To celebrate the delivery of third year, J and I went on a mini vacay to my favorite place... home.

Here's some of the fun we had while we were there:
Long drives are fun for the first 10 hours... after that, puppy starts to break my heart.  However, they get you home. Thus, they are still FUN!  

Walked through acres of cotton fields with my sister in search for peace, tranquility, and "Gary the Gator".

Celebrated the marriage of this beautiful bride and her sweet cotton farmer.

Showed the Crigler's the crazy years of marriage they have to look forward to...

Snuck into a Mississippi bar in our bridesmaid gear AKA Risky Business Style.  (I later had to meet up with my grandparents, and my grandfather whispered to me secretly,  "Cap, did you forget your pants?")

Margs and girl talk.

Wore my beautiful perfume button necklace my mother gave me.

Thought about sneaking this back to WV in my suitcase. ;)

Spent the most wonderful night with my beautiful grandmother.  We sang old Doris Day tunes, played Skip Bo, and snuck coffee and chicken and dumplings into the room.  

Going home is always fun, and driving back to WV is normally really really really depressing.  But this time, I had the beautiful thought of moving to Charleston, and the hope of a grand third year to keep me cheered up.  Life here under B and W is already perfect.  I'll post more soon on the move, my new neighbors, and my kitchen's transformation.

Are you making big moves this summer?


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