Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year and New Goals

Goals are positive achievements--something I can work with. The word "resolutions" just seems so naggy and I don't respond well to nagging. So, rather than resolve to do anything in 2014, I would like to set goals for things that I would like to accomplish in this new year.

1. Take more pictures.

I apologize to all of you who follow me on Instagram. My brother says that he doesn't look at it anymore because I post too much. But, sometimes, that one Instagram picture is the highlight of my day! Finding the beauty in life's everyday routines is something to be celebrated. I just choose to do my celebrating through Instagram. I mean, its kind of hard to not find beauty with Instagram and its filters as your lens.

ALSO, I finally got my dream camera. I can't wait to explore the world with it. Don't worry. I have no desire to be a professional photographer, but I so enjoy capturing life's little and beautiful moments. I can't wait to try it outside of my very limiting IPhone.

2. Make more things.

I love DIY projects, but am pretty terrible with follow-through. I am not a crafter. I think I'm crafty, but crafts just seem like so much work with so little gain for me. And, it is all totally due to my perfectionism and impatience. I just don't have the stamina to craft.

I love cooking and decorating and would like to do more of those two things in the new year. I hate that cooking can often feel like a boring chore. I have decided to make an addendum goal to this one to use recipes from my Junior League cookbooks (all EIGHT of them that I was required to buy). These recipes are great because they usually aren't too fussy and so far have been delicious. I've made crabcakes, remoulade, cornbread and pork loin with mustard sauce from them in just the past two days! I also made a chocolate glazed chocolate tart that turned out to be just what W's dark chocolate dreams are made of. He nearly ate half of it in one sitting. I am one to turn my nose up at baking and sniff (because I'm melodramatic and impatient and, alas, a terrible baker), but this time I stooped (kidding) and baked. And, I really enjoyed the process. I totally freaked beforehand and read the recipe about 12 times, but, in hindsight, that is probably what normal people do. My aversion to reading recipes through completely before beginning is my biggest downfall.

3. Seems only appropriate this should be bake more. (?!Can't believe I just typed that?!)


2014 is going to be a major year for us.

W will graduate from medical school!! Thank the good, dear, beloved and holy Lord above all that is living and breathing and eking it out down here.

We find out on March 21 where he matched for residency. Cue fireworks.

We will move. Cue hallelujah chorus and part the heavens.

To our new home for the next 5 to 7 years. Cue panic attacks.

W GETS A PAYCHECK. W GETS A PAYCHECK. W GETS A PAYCHECK. (I will still probably make more than him. Heh. Heh.)

Maybe we'll buy a house? Maybe we'll be moving into a 500 sq. ft. apartment in the Upper East Side?  Maybe we'll have 1.66 children by year's end? Ha. Maybe we'll adopt multiple kittens?

Maybe--just maybe--we will have the best year of our lives yet?

Here's hoping! Cheers to you and 2014!


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