Monday, October 15, 2012

October Fun

This weekend was filled with wonderful fall festivities and lots of friends!

Friday, Bri and W came to visit from Charleston. Bri and I had our hopes set on an Oktoberfest night, and I think we pulled it off rather well!

Our Menu 

Bratwarts on hoagie bread with grilled onions
Cheese fries
Fresh greens beans 

Smores over the bon fire

Drink of choice
Sangria (for the ladies) 
Sam Adams Oktoberfest (for the guys)

The Sangria was a big hit (even the guys approved)!  I made one pitcher with white and one mini pitcher with red.  Both were great!  You can get the Sangria recipe here

Fall Sangria

While Bri and I were enjoying our Sangria and cooking the scrumptious Oktoberfest spread, the guys showed off their boy scout skills by starting are backyard bon fire.  

Star gazing.

Saturday, the wonderful weekend continued with Rob (guest writer from Confessions of a Mousewife) and KK, who came to visit from Bridgeport, WV!  With an adorable toddler along for the ride, we all went to stuff our faces at T.O.O.T (taste of our town) in downtown Lewisburg.

TOOT is a wonderful festival in Lewisburg were all of the local restaurants come out and set up booths selling their favorite dish!   

If you're like Bri and me.. You can skip all the booths and hit up the local bakery's boiled peanuts!  I'm still convinced they were the best thing I ate all day!

Southern girls love their boiled peanuts!

Rob and Kayla

The Gang
FLASH MOB in the streets of Lburg!

Fall is in bloom!

The guys showing a 10 year old how hardcore they are.  :)

Adorable Toddler!
 After it was all over Saturday, I became quite jealous of this kid's napping ability!  If I could nap while hundreds of people walked amongst me and loud music played in my ears... I could rule the world.



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