Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where is my mind?

The lovely Pixies sing one of my favorite songs.
It goes like this...

Your head will collapse
If there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind?

It's been stuck in my head a lot lately.

However, around this medical school stricken house we sing...

Where is Jason's mind? 

Yesterday, I made amazing mexican stuffed peppers with ground turkey.  Since I'm only cooking for two, I wrapped half of the ground turkey in tin foil to save it for another dinner.  I asked J to write ground turkey and the date on the front side.

Simple enough, right?


This is what I found this morning while reaching for my frozen blueberries to make my daily spinach smoothie...

"Ground Turkey & The Date"

Dear Friends, I fear this man's brain is gone... or likely just too full of board material that it no longer has room for normal everyday function.

Either way.. we have reached absent minded/crazy husband period.  Actually we reached that weeks ago.  While I do feel for my sanity through this, I must admit I'm more worried for J.  I've never seen him study so hard for anything in my life.  I know he wants to do well so badly, and for both of our sakes... I hope he dominates that dang test!  I also hope he comes back to me with his brain fully functioning and intact.

Maybe that's asking too much...

I can only hope to get him back to how I found him 10 years ago!  ;)

In other news...

One of my best friends from home sent me a little necklace via snail mail, and my day has been bright ever since!

It's a charm of Louisiana and a turquoise stone.  Could she know me any better?  I mean... REALLY!
Mose also approved.

There are few things I love as much as snail mail.  Turquoise and Louisiana are among the few.

Being that honey bunny (J) and I got into a little debate about why an ipod shuffle does not say "I'm so happy you're my wife and HAPPY THREE YEARS"... I'm thinking maybe I should tell Megan to pick out my anniversary gifts from now on.  :)  It would be better for all of us.  (Even Megan, because she has to listen to me vent.)

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


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