Friday, March 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home

W and I headed south last Friday to visit our families. Lately, going home has been tough--in that, it takes a lot of effort to force ourselves back in the car, back on the interstate, and back to WV.

We were home a total of 9 days over Christmas. Nine. Days. Home. You can imagine the grumpiest ride home ever and you would be spot on. Sure, its wonderful to get back to your own space and fur-babies. If only that space and those babies were located about six hours southeast.

Maybe, I whine on here too often about being homesick? I'm not sorry if I do, because it is a very accurate representation of my emotional state every day. I've gotten used to the homesick pangs. The ache has lessened in severity but its always there.

Anyways, before I get all sappy and depressed, here are some highlights from our visit home:

A gorgeous sunset greeted us as we drove into my hometown.
W got a gun. Yep. And, he is the only one excited about it.
Indulged in some delicious Cold Stone Creamery. My fave is coffee with heath bar. Yum
We kept our distance from Tux, aka Killer, aka The Terrorist, because he likes the taste of human.
I went for a run at my grandfather's farm on an old logging trail. Can't beat SC swamps and cypresses.
We reveled in those flat-as-boards SC fields after all this mountain-living. 
Got to love, squeeze, kiss, hug, soak-up, stare-in-wonder-and-awe at our beautiful nephews.

And so, I leave you, dear reader, with a little John Denver a la 4 year old. You're welcome.

Will you be leaving on a jet plane this weekend? Whether you will be or not, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. W and I will be staying warm and cozy in this relentless cold. We plan to (finally) watch Argo, eat carnitas on Saturday night and homemade chicken tikka masala on Sunday. YUM. 

What are your plans?



  1. Nat and I watched Argo last weekend..very good movie! Miss you - wished you were more southeast too! :)

  2. Totally understand this feeling. Just nominated you both for a Liebster Award- here's more about it!