Thursday, March 14, 2013

B's Wish List

Let's just forget my 4 month absence? K? You're the best, dear reader!

I would like to start off right where we left off, but maybe focus on the things that distract me best during these long and lonely med school days.

Here are the things for which I am forever on the lookout. And these things are serious, okay? I mean, like, slam-on-the-brakes-as-you-drive-past-the-most-perfect-bar-cart-dumped-on-the-curb-serious.

Case in point:



Aren't those just the sexiest? I have a slight obsession with finding the most perfect bar cart. And what makes this story so sad, dear reader, is that I had the opportunity to purchase one of these bar carts--although not as stunning as the above--that with much tender loving would have found the perfect place in our home. But, I hesitated. On a $30 bar cart that I had been searching and searching for. I hesitated!!! It was most similar to this one:

I know: I am an idiot.

Moving on.

I am also always searching and searching and searching for the most perfect toast rack. You know, the Brits use them! You should never stack your toast as that leads to condensation and soggy toast. Duh. I don't eat very much toast, so I would just like several toast racks to use as: a napkin holder, mail sorter, paper sorter for the Med Student, picture holder, etc.

Exhibit A, B,& C:



Aren't those delicious? I have had a few opportunities to purchase one of these. In fact, every time we go to Lewisburg to visit Cap and J, I swoon over one similar to the first one. And, its only $24. Why don't I just commit? I'm not sure, but I like to go with my gut. And, my gut says, WAIT. So, wait and keep a hawk's eye lookout I do.

(See, my gut told me to buy the bar cart. I didn't. I went back a few days later. GONE. That's what I get for not listening to my gut. Damn it.)

My other lookout item is another sad story. This post is sort of depressing me now, but I will soldier on.

VINTAGE LOAFERS. Oh em gee. I do love me some loafers. I mean, I have them in brown leather, leopard, and pastel ikat.

A few years ago, I purchased some deeply discounted Tory Burch loafers:

Here they are.

Cute, right? Yeah, but CRAPPILY made. I mean, the worst. There are now a few holes in the soles and the insoles started to come out on day one of wearing them only after about 30 minutes of walking in them. And, they hurt. I mean, they HURT. I've never been able to break them in. And I wear them a lot. And, I get lots of compliments on them. But, bottom line: they are crappy shoes.

When W and I were in NY visiting Margaret and Danny last year, I was perusing the pop-up vintage stores in Chelsea Market and found the most perfectly broken in and beautiful Cole Haans. These shoes were perfect. I was ready to buy them right then as I had been wearing my Tories and my feet were hurting and blistered. The Haans felt like a warm embrace on my tender feet. I went all over that store searching for the owner of that booth. Nowhere to be found. Nor was there a price on the shoe, or I would have just taken them and left cash. W and I decided to come back the next day as Margaret and Danny's cute place was only a block away (I know. I secretly hate them, too, for being super cool NYers). W and I came back the next morning, and they were GONE. Can you believe my luck? GONE. I'm still heartbroken, so I have commenced an Ebay search for my loafer soulmate. I know you are out there somewhere!

If these were 7.5, I'd get them immediately.

And for my final lookout item, I will introduce you to the fascinating world of vintage glasses. Coming in all colors, patterns and styles, the perfect set await my purchase! W and I have had some awesome luck these past couple of months in breaking nearly every single drinking glass we own, which is sad because they were a gift (6 to begin with) from some of W's hospital co-workers back in SC. They were even etched with a palmetto tree to remind us of home. Sad. Now, we are down to three! Not to be disheartened! This is an excellent opportunity to invest in some adorable vintage glasses. My mom already got us started with our vintage bamboo tumblers:

Adorable, right?

So, now, I am tempted to purchase these from Etsy. What do you think?


Coral is kind of my color. $34 for shipping and everything. Should I go for it or scour the flea market and local shops?

I will keep you posted on my search!

What are your lookout items?


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