Wednesday, May 15, 2013

B's 26 Resolutions

I'm not really one to make resolutions, but I feel like its time to get my lazy, anti-social ass off the couch and the Internet and start doing some stuff. This blog has been a great motivator, but I feel myself getting too comfortable. So, here goes:

B's 26 Resolutions for her 26th Year of Life

1. Have a romantic getaway with W

2. Revisit a city from my childhood 
I hope to accomplish this with Hannah and Nashville later this year!

3. Pick my own fruit

4. Make a garden
Working on it on the porch-ony!

5. Swim in a river

6. Swim in the ocean
I booked my plane tickets for SC last week! Finally spending my 4th on the SC coast again.

7. Find a forever job
With residency beginning next summer, I should have ample opportunity and a new locale to help with this one.

8. Listen to live music outside as much as possible

9. Bake something
I am a terrible and miserable baker.

10. Find my perfect bar cart

11. Get a real haircut
I am currently giving Cousin It a run for "It's" money, so at the end of the summer, Cap is going to chop it all off! Maybe something like this:

12. Go to a movie
I hate going to the movies. This one will be tough. 
13. Take a class
14. Have a dinner party
15. Go kayaking or canoeing
The other day, I had the strongest desire to go kayaking. No clue.

Or two!

17. Volunteer more (and outside of Junior League)

18. Make a new friend

19. Grill out filet mignon

20. Take a couples' trip
Maybe with the newly engaged Margaret and Danny? Philadelphia! December!

21. Learn a new skill

22. Plan a European vacation to take during W's intern year

23. Finally, after 26 years, find the perfect black dress

24. Laugh each and every day

25. Rescue something or someone

26. Live fearlessly and without regret and, sometimes, a little selfishly


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