Monday, May 6, 2013

Half-Marathon Training with B

The time has (regrettably) come for me to start training for the upcoming half-marathon on August 17 in Eerie, PA.

Thanks to a runner friend, this is the training program that I will be using.

Here is the schedule:

I will begin my week 1 either today or tomorrow. I have two work commitments this week on Tuesday and Thursday evening, so I will be adjusting my schedule to fit in all of my runs. I will also be at the beach for the entirety of week 9. Eek. I hope I can stay committed.

This whole week is calling for never-ending rain, so I have asked my expert about treadmill running. He did not seem happy about it either. He said, if you must, use an incline of 1.5 or 2. There you have it.

Good luck to all of you other trainees out there!

PS - I run on a jogging path that is adjacent to "the boulevard" and the river. This is a high-traffic path with lots and lots of runners. In the middle of my runs, when I am struggling the most, I want nothing more than to high-five the other runners as we pass. Is that weird? I just really feel like it would give me that extra motivation to finish fast. Do you concur? Would you return the high-five? Would it make your running experience better, easier, etc.?


PPS - I officially hate the 2x2 walkers on the jogging path. You know the ones. The path is only really wide enough for two people to walk/run side by side, yet when you come barreling up on the 2x2 walkers, they don't budge. They just keep meandering, side by side, taking up the majority of the path. Have I mentioned that this path is squeezed in between a very steep hill that plummets down to the river and a boulevard--with speeding vehicles flying up and down it?! So, because they don't move, I have to slide past them on tip toes while maintaining my stride. I swear, it takes everything in me not to send a pointy elbow smashing into their arm when they refuse to MOVE THE EFF OVER. Get in EFFING SINGLE FILE. Kindergartners are smarter than these 2x2 walkers. MOVE, walkers. MOVE.

Does this tirade mean that I am a real runner now?

Here is a site on running etiquette and "how to pass politely." And elbows, are not involved. Apparently.

PPPS - Seriously, let us know if you are running, too! Or, share any and all tips. God knows, I could really use them.


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