Thursday, May 2, 2013

B's Favorite Links

So, I spend a lot of time on the internet.

And none of you are surprised.

Moving on.

I thought I would share my favorite corners of the internet that I have been enjoying over the past week.

Dive right in.


As the challenges of the 21st century demand more from each of us, shouldn’t we be thinking as much about how to free up more women for the common good as we do about immigration, entitlement reform and debt reduction?

I am not a feminist and hope that term is never used to describe me. What I am is a champion and supporter of women. Move over, middle-aged white men, the ladies are comin' atya!

This guy went one year without the internet and lived to tell us all that, well, it really wasn't that awesome.

When I saw this article in my Facebook newsfeed, I almost didn't want to read it. I was afraid of what it might say--that life is so much better without the internet. That its more fulfilling. More complete. More lived. Well, after reading it, I rejoiced, cyber hugged all 598 of my Facebook Friends, pinned 9 cute cat pictures, retweeted Charlie Sheen and Instagrammed a ceiling fan. FOR THE HELL OF IT. And it felt good.

The mere thought of uninterrupted introspection that would take place sans internet is enough to send me googling "cat memes," "how to peel a banana like a monkey," and "what are 'intents and purposes' and why do we want all of them" immediately and indefinitely.

I love you, Internet.


Great advice that made me feel less frustrated about my 9 to 5.


Do you like archaeology and medieval warfare and bashed skulls?
Then, you should read this ^ article.

What about forensic anthropology and cannibalism? 

Check this out: 

Well, W and I are off to NC-SC for the weekend. Its that time of the year: wedding season!



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