Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D.C. is for Lovers

Before I begin my gush over D.C. I just want to vent...

Why? WHY? WHYYYYYYY are board exams so dang expensive?  Is it not enough that we are deprived of our sanity for an education?  Must you also deprive us of our sorry excuse of an income for a COMPUTERIZED TEST?

Let this be a warning for all you Med School hopefuls and sweet wives of student doctors:
Start a savings account now, or be prepared to sell your soul.

Okay.  That is all.

Now for the fun stuff:

Though I'm still two years and a scary board exam away from thinking about residency locations... I can't seem to stop dreaming of J and me moving to D.C. for his years as a resident.  I've loved Washington from the very first time I laid eyes on it 2 years ago, and the more I visit the deeper in love I fall.  It reminds me of New Orleans... only cleaner, larger, more cultured, and not has humid.

Bri invited me to tag along on some really fun museum work (which made me realize I may love history more than I thought), and we turned it into a mini girl's vacay. Why not, right?

The city streets, daily Starbucks, Greek food, fro yo, and majestic flea markets were nearly a fun overload.  Nearly.

I'm not sure if it was to counteract with our margs and sugar intake or just an excuse to look like a local, but Bri and I walked EVERYWHERE!  We also grabbed a glass of wine at the hotel bar (classy style), and were in bed by 10 ever night.  We travel well together.  :)

After our amazing weekend I am now not only positive that I could live in a big city, but I am drooling at the thought of one day actually moving into a 700 sq. ft. studio apartment. 

Here's a little peek at some of the fun we had.

Margarita for two in Capital Hill

The Mall on National Kite Day.

More Kite Day fun.

How adorable is this?!  This is why I want to live in Capital Hill.... I'm pretty sure it's a great start to having cool cultured kids.

Faking a daily run.  We wanted an excuse to wear workout clothes and tennis shoes all day.

The Capital


  1. I love DC! I grew up outside of it on the Maryland side and cities like Bethesda (in MD) and Arlington (VA) are also awesome. Next time you go you should go to the canal and go see Great Falls, they have some great hikes/bikes/walks!

  2. I love to hike! Thanks for the tip!