Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I'm Loving

Life has been so busy lately.

Can you believe that half of April has already faded away in a sun-filled and blossom-frangranced blur?

I feel like it was just snowing.

Oh, that's right. It was.

Alas, time does not favor us mere mortals and flits and flies away at its own selfish pace.

It didn't help that for the entirety of last week, I was glued to a television screen or tuned into NPR awaiting updates on the Boston bombings. I think that the older I get and the closer I come to having children the more these senseless acts of violence affect me. I spent most of last week on the verge of tears and was hardly comforted by the capture of Suspect 2. I can't help but wonder at the wide and tangled web of which these two brothers were most likely a very small part.

Its scary. And I was scared and heartbroken and discouraged.

So, yesterday, I scrubbed the apartment and sat in the sun and read magazines and blogs and listened to good music and ate jalapenos on everything.

And that sort of made things a little better.

Now, instead of diving into Reading with Marilyn as I had planned (since her's is not a very happy story either), let's enjoy something light and lovely.

In honor of Spring in all of its pastel glory, I would like to shine the spotlight on some of my current loves.

Because, who doesn't need some LOVE right now?

1. I love everything on Design*Sponge, but lately, I can't get enough of the Biz Ladies Profiles on creative women entrepreneurs. Its fascinating and inspiring. Check them out! I also adore the Sneak Peeks--they make my Mondays sunny.

I am still reading (very slowly) Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates. It is fascinating. I can't wait to share with you all that I have learned about Marilyn. 

2. I love, love, love smearing this lotion all over my face. It makes you glow, I swear! And, it has SPF 15. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer, $14.99

3. JALAPENOS. My new favorite thing. Here are a few tried and true recipes with the sassy pepper:

Jalapeno Hummus

Mario Batali's Fettucine with Lemon, Hot Peppers and Pecorino Romano - my ALL-TIME favoritve (I don't de-seed the jalapenos when I make this. Bring the heat!)

Michael Simon's Corn Salsa with Jalapenos - he serves this with double-cut porkchops, but seriously, I could eat this stuff with just a spoon. We had it Sunday night with porkchops and rice and black beans. W keeps asking when we can have it again!

4. When we first moved to Lewisburg, one of the first purchases I made for my wardrobe was a bright yellow infinity scarf from a crazy expensive boutique. It was the cheapest thing in there at $25! I wear it all the time (year around), so I feel like it was worth the investment. Yellow infinity scarf, $14.00 (On Etsy: handmade and hand-dyed scarf that looks just like mine for a fraction of the cost!)

5. Are you as excited as I am for the finale of Project Runway this Thursday night?! I might have to indulge myself in some champagne and chocolate to celebrate. And, yes, I would be doing that alone.... Project Runway Finale, Thursday, April 25 at 9pm ET on Lifetime.

6. I cannot stop listening to the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros station on Pandora. It is so good. W concurs. Give it a try!

7. With Spring came my renewed obsession with La Croix grapefruit a la all of high school. I was addicted to flavored sparkling waters. And not because I was some health nut. My stomach (pathetic, sensitive organ that it is) cannot handle sugar-packed sodas, so the fizzy alternatives became my indulgence. Its ba-ack! And, of course, W is NOT happy about it. Oh well.

I love white wine, but W prefers red, so I indulge him. There is nothing better than a glass of red wine, good tunes and lounging on our newly transformed porch-ony.

Porch-ony. See Below:

Our fragile porch-ony is accessed from our living room. Its a tight space, hence the terrible picture angle and the name--not quite a porch but more than a balcony. I added some lighting, two beautiful ferns and a dill and basil plant from the farmers market, and some accessories I found while, ahem, basement diving. We then picked up two, cheap, plastic adirondak chairs since the porch-ony is exposed to all elements. We didn't want to invest in anything too nice that we would also have to haul across a few states when we move for residency.

Next on the To-Do list, is to find and buy: an outdoor rug to hide the hideous, moss-covered astroturf; pillows/cushions for the chairs; a low, weatherproof ottoman; a low table.

Here it is at night, seen through our very dirty window. So romantic though!

What are you loving right now?


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