Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Third Year Update

Wow. Nine months--nearly ten--into third year, and I can't believe how time has flown.

Of course, looking back to last summer, I thought we'd never make it. Things were so crazy and new and stressful. Neither W nor I were able to make it to the SC coast for either of our families' annual beach trips.

This summer will mark two, 2, TWO, dos, t-w-o years since we have been to the beach--laid eyes on a dune--smelled that pungent pluff--tasted that delicious salty goodness.

That makes me so incredibly sad.

I grew up just over an hour from the Myrtle Beach area. My family has owned the most adorable beach bungalow at Surfside Beach (about 30 mins. south of Myrtle) since the 40s. I grew up at the beach. That is not an exaggeration. When I was in the 8th grade, my parents, brother and I started staying for a week at a condo at Garden City Beach (10 mins. south of Surfside) because my grandfather was renting out the beach house at that time. We met and made lifelong friends there, the Stephens, who have a son my brother's age and a daughter my age (Rachel). Its been 13 years since that first condo stay and we are still vacationing with the Stephens every year for the week of the 4th. Missing last summer was so, so, so hard. I have decided that I will not miss this year for anything. I plan to book my super cheap flight as soon as they go on sale for like $30/one way. Thanks, Spirit!

Also, my poor parents would have to go by themselves this year since my brother is in the Army and is now stationed at Ft. Drum.

I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving them all alone on the 4th. Daughterly duty calls. :)

A glimpse into our DC trip this past weekend.

Anyways, the inspiration behind this post was the discussion that W and I had the other morning over lattes. W is in the process of mapping out his fourth year, which consists of audition rotations and interviews. We have decided that I will accompany him on as many interviews as possible. We also discussed the cities that we will be focusing on.

Those cities are below and in order of appeal (to me). Also, the fact that I was even able to have a coherent discussion about our future without hyperventilating, fainting or running away shows great achievements in my ability to control my Type A anxieties and freak outs. I'm quite proud.


1. Charleston, SC
2. Washington, DC
3. Baltimore, MD
4. Richmond, VA
5. Birmingham, AB
6. Philadelphia, PA
7. NYC
8. Charlotte, NC or Charlottesville, VA
9. Greenville, SC
10. Louisville, KY
11. Boston, MA
12. Lexington, KY

I think that fourth year might be the diet/weight loss plan I've been looking for. Nothing gets my adrenaline going like looking into the great unknown. The whole matching process might actually do me in.

Now, back to third year.


Stay tuned for a post on our wonderful DC trip this weekend! 

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