Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogging as Inspiration

Its a weird phenomenon this whole blogging thing.

If you think about it, blogging is incredibly self-centered, narcissistic, egotistical, conceited, vain... I could keep going.

Do you disagree?

I have a point. Stick with me.

Why does one start a blog?

I am sure the majority of bloggers weren't thinking when they hit that create-a-blog button, "I am doing this because the world needs to know who I am."

So, what was their motivation?

Documentation? Chronicling life? Finding a voice?

It seems that blogs began as a forum for struggling or wanna-be writers desperate for a platform.

Today, it is something quite different.

Anyone can start a blog--with one click of a button--within five minutes, it is up and running.

Bloggers have so much power. Its kind of scary if you think about it.

Motivation seems to run the gamut. Fashion, cooking, writing, travel, boredom, art, life changes, pregnancy, children, weight loss, outlet for work stories, etc.

How many of your favorite bloggers now have books?

Cupcakes and Cashmere. DesignSponge. Dooce. Love Maegan is working on hers.

How many of them have you seen on the Today show (NieNie Dialogues) or sitting in the front rows of major fashion shows (Style Rookie) or with their own shows on Food Network (Pioneer Woman)?

Its amazing. Incredible, really.

I mean, Cap and I were contacted just the other day to pen a 3 volume how-to series on being a medical school spouse. REALLY.

I'd like to know exactly how it all started.

I wonder when it will end?

Now that Cap and I have been at this whole blog thing for just over a month, one singular thought continues to pervade my mind--a thought I hate to admit to you all, dear readers, but one that is oh so true.

My blog gave me a life. (FINALLY. I was beginning to get worried.)

Its true!

This blog has become a motivator.

Get up, it says to me on sleepy Saturday mornings.

No, seriously, GET UP. Shower. Get dressed. Now, go do something, it yells annoyingly at the top of its lungs.


FINE, I yell back as I reluctantly pull myself off the couch and make plans.

And then, Saturday night, as W and I made our way up the winding stairs to our apartment, I felt extremely grateful for the blog and its insistence at purposeful living.

That was so much fun, I thought, recounting the day's adventures.

W and I set off on a windy road mid-morning, amidst the official dawning of Fall. The mountains have taken on a honey-colored glow, letting us all know what season has set in. I think those brief days before the leaves really begin to change are my favorite. Its like looking at the world through gold-tinted glasses--everything is warmed and crisp, fresh out of summer's oven and ready to cool off.

We met Cap and J at Hawk's Nest State Park that promised a fascinating gondola ride down the mountain. It was a bit disappointing to take in said fascinating gondola and the three minute ride down a large hill, through a pine forest. Not quite the breathtaking rock faces and churning water views we expected. We decided that we could live without it. So, puppy in tow, we headed to Fayetteville and New River Gorge Bridge. We ate huge cheeseburgers, fried pickles and fried green beans. We shopped around the Hobbit Hole. We chased puppy on the courthouse grounds. Then, we went to the gorge. (If you would like to see our adventures, visit the weekly recap.)

It was a perfectly fulfilled Saturday that made lounging around all day Sunday so much more satisfying.

So, what does this weekend hold? Let's see if I survive this first:

I get to hang out with this girl this Thursday & Friday. She is my oldest friend, who also happens to be my youngest friend. Figure that one out.

Photo from her 21st birthday party, natch.

Here is how it all went down:

"Therefore and such as," I will be driving down to SC tomorrow evening, meeting the newborn nephew for a few brief moments, and then hightailing it to Birmingham Thursday morning with her to consume lots and lots of cow.

Who drops everything at the mention of free, expensive food?


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