Saturday, September 15, 2012


It was brought to my attention (by J) that I tugged on too many heartstrings Thursday while venting about my lack of friends and need for a dog.  J received NUMEROUS text messages, voice mails, and phone calls stating quite intensely that I needed a dog, and he should man up and get the shots.  (Thanks guys!)  :)

Despite the phone calls, Tiger still became a lost dream and I became a sorry excuse for a grown up.  J made valid points as to why the dog was a TERRIBLE idea, and I cried.

Where will Tiger go when we go home?  He could have heart worms!  What about all the crazy pet deposits we are going to waist while we're moving around so much?  YOU'RE ALLERGIC.

These were all very good points... for a man.  I'm a woman. A cute little dog seems like the best idea EVER right now.  So all of these valid reasons have NO impact on me.  I STILL want a dog.

Friday, I threw myself another pity party.  This one was even more intense.  We’re talking red face, blow fish cheeks, and snot.  LOTS OF SNOT.  Same issue… No friend, no dog.  (I have such a hard life)

In the mist of my pity party, I gave my very smart, beautiful, and LOGICAL sister a call (She’s a lawyer… a very practical and sane lawyer).  She has got to be sick of my breakdowns by now.  I let out a quick and normal “Hey Leah!” and then I lost all control of waterworks.

Leah- “Hey bug, what’s wrong?”

Me- “J doesn’t want a dog.  I’m 1000 miles from home and I just want a friend.  Why does he not get that?  (Once again, I’m such a brat) But I mean, it’s not about the dog.  It’s about the fact that HE DOESN’T CARE!"

Leah- “Cap, can I call you right back?”

Me- “yea(balling)aaaaa.”

Two minutes later (after confirming with J) I received this picture and text from Leah…

“Sorry I had to hang up with you, but I thought you should know… this is your new best friend.  Jason and I got him yesterday and he’s taking you to pick him up on Monday after his exam.  He is a 7 week old toy Yorkshire Terrier.”

I had to pull the car over on the side of the interstate while I tried to get a handle on the Mississippi River violently gushing out of my eyes (and nose).

This time, the tears weren’t from a self-inflicted pity party… the tears were from an intense feeling of LOVE.  It’s sad when it takes a psychotic dog issue to make me realize I have PLENTY of INCREDIBLE friends, a STELLAR sister who sincerely wants me to be happy, and an AMAZING husband (who may make me friendless by dragging me around the country), but HE makes my heart happy.  I have it so good.  SO SO SO GOOD.

I feel like little Sophia Grace.

This long road to becoming a doctorwife may indeed make me crazy.  It may continue to make me crazy for years to come, but even though med school is not my dream and even though it may not always be the highlight of my life, It is J's...  and I LOVE HIM.  Therefore, I love medical school the journey we're on.  This dog tantrum issue has made me realize my family, friends and hubby (though they may be far away at times) are always there for me.  I have it so GOOD.  My friends let me vent about J’s outlandish Beautiful Mind statements AND they let me call them at work to cry over a dog.  My sister… does all the above AND spent her Thursday (at a real job I might add) searching for a dog in WV on the Internet, teaching a little old lady how to work Pay Pal, and GOT ME A YORKIE!  My hubs even agreed to sacrifice his very own birthday to drive three hours away to pick up my new best friend.  I am so SPOILED blessed.

 - Cap

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  1. I'm so excited for you!!! My puppy was definitely my BFF during the looooong time it took me to make friends in Shreveport.