Friday, September 14, 2012

Things that Float Around in My Head

First of all, you should listen to this song. Its my new favorite.

W worked his first all-nighter Monday evening, 8:30pm - 8:30am. He wasn't home last night until 9pm. All of this quiet time allows my mind ample time to wander as I iron the tablecloths for the museum's fundraiser next week. (I'm so effing domestic.)

I am a champ at weaving the most fantastical and never-gonna-happen day dreams. I mean, I am the queen of wishful thinking. Its a kind of sick addiction.

My latest day dream is that an interior designer will be so impressed with me (because I am that awesome...) and my "work" (aka: my crappy apartment) that they will hire me on the spot before someone else can scoop me up. The details of what exactly I was doing and where I was doing it when this moment of "impression" took place are very hazy. You see, in day dreams, you don't actually have to do anything, be good at anything, or contribute in anyway to solving the world's problems. In day dreams, you are automatically awesome at everything. You are a catch. YOU are the next BIG thing.

Pretty soon (in my day dream), I am living the jet-setter life in DC, styling for an interior's firm based in NY with a satellite office in DC for all those bored politicians' wives. I also wear all black all the time, am wafer thin, and can often be found with a blonde, curly-headed toddler--we're talking J. Crew-catalog-worthy toddler--on my hip. W is making a name for himself in the surgery world. We live in a townhouse near Dupont Circle. Champagne is a daily ritual. We eat lots and lots of fresh seafood. I throw dinner parties weekly and always have the best playlists. People are always saying, "That Bri."

At this point in the day dream, I am shocked back to reality to find myself perched on the arm of the couch, staring wistfully at the cracked plaster ceiling in my moo-moo, and see that the tablecloth has fallen to the floor, become a comfy bed for a black cat and white kitten, and that I have been ironing the ironing board cover for the last ten minutes. I am also bra-less with chipped toenail polish and my hair is mounded on my head and secured with a CLAW, circa-1998.


Yet, I am so cool in my day dreams--Rachel-Zoe cool, obvi.

Now that I have penned that very frequent day dream on the internet, you will most likely find me, eight years from now, fat, wearing (God forbid) capri pants, living in a phony colonial in like Ohio, or somewhere terrible like that, with three dirt-stained 8 year olds, avoiding reflective surfaces and hating W for his maturing good looks and his maintenance of 1.6% body fat. I have officially SCREWED jinxed myself with that one.

Whew. GLAD to get that off my chest!

Lately, and more realistically though, my thoughts have been revolving around the possibilities of residency and the excitement of moving somewhere brand new. Just because I complain about medical school most of the time doesn't mean that I hate it in its entirety. There is .5% of it that I do like and that is the chance to move somewhere completely random (hello, West Virginia) every couple of years.

Was I excited to move to West Virginia? Not really. But, I was excited to set off on our own far away from SC. The final destination took a while to warm up to.

I do believe that WV is one of the most beautiful states I've visited (SC is most beautiful in my book) and have enjoyed exploring its wild and wonderfulness.

Photos courtesy of W.

Because W did so well on his board exams, our future home-bases are looking pretty exciting, and well, populated!! People! I love people! Lots and lots of different people.

These are the current options we've discussed. We shall see.

Washington, DC. My #1 choice.

Baltimore, MD. Don't hate, think SEAFOOD.

Richmond, VA. One hour from Williamsburg. OMG.


Boston, MA. Paul Revere, duh.

Charlotte, NC. Family within 2 hour drive.

Heaven. Home, sweet home. Charleston, SC

NY. I would love, love, love to.


Anyone have any comments on these cities?



  1. We ended up in NYC for residency (I had wanted a boring state like Ohio) and we couldn't be happier! It is very exciting to have such a fun city and so many opportunities around. One thing my husband didn't really think about in choosing his residency is the fact that he would have so little spare time and that when he does he really appreciates having a million things to do that are so close. That way he doesn't have to waste time getting to go to eat or do activities (some places he interviewed would talk about how the nearest place to do something was 1+ hour away. Uhhh....that would NEVER happen based on the hours he works!)

    1. That is awesome!!! I would love if we ended up there, but W is a little hesitant. We will see. Thanks for stopping by! I am definitely going to share your comment with W. You make some excellent points.


  2. I feel like so few people embrace the idea of moving somewhere exciting/new-to-them. That is my FAVORITE part! I'm so glad someone else feels the same way. I had all of the places you mentioned and more (DC was also my #1 dream place!) on my list. I never thought we would end up in Minneapolis, but I. LOVE. IT.

    PS Your (W's) WV pictures are gorgeous!

    1. i guess it takes an adventurous spirit to want to move to major cities every couple of years! i can't wait! and thanks! i am glad to hear that you ended up somewhere unexpected and still love it.