Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tiger: the almost friend.

I’ve been quite the little couch potato lately.  My mind is at a steady pace of inactivity, and so is my body.  The pounds are slowly creeping on, and while my boobs are luckily getting slightly larger… so is my butt (bummer).  My running has sucked.  I mean, I used to pride myself in the fact that, though I might not be extremely athletic, I can at least run.  Now, I can barely make it 2 miles without feeling like my heart is going to explode out of my chest.  WHAT IS GOING ON?!  I wish a baby could be to blame…Wait, DO I?   I’m not quite sure.  I just wish I wasn’t so depressingly stagnate in both motion and life.  Every day I wake up, fix coffee, cook breakfast, sit on the couch while I read, cook lunch, change into workout clothes, talk about how I need to run, fix a second cup of coffee, talk about how I need to run, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, do a little writing, and then… miraculously, I FINALLY go for a run.  

When did I get so lazy, and how do I make it STOP?

On top of the newfound laziness, I discovered last night that I am really really really homesick. Yesterday, I threw a pity party on the couch (of course) because I realized that, while I may have Bri two hours away, I have NO ONE to interact with on a daily basis.  So whether I stay busy all day, or become a chubby couch potato… I’m still by myself.  Which sucks.   I never randomly run into anyone I know, no one every notices my lasts name(s) and asks if I’m related to Megan Cotton or Mike Green, and the only person I’ve talked to other than Jason in this city are the employees who swipe my credit card at Kroger and Wild Bean. 

Last night, after a day of pity partying, my mother called to tell me one of her students found a puppy and wanted to know if I wanted him. She says, "He apparently looks like a yorkie mix!"  

Let me explain something quickly…
I’m 24 years old.  I have wanted a yorkie for as long as I can remember.  I have SERIOUSLY asked for a yorkie for every single birthday, Christmas, and any other holiday worthy of a dog since.  I even picked out a name, SUGAR SHANE “MOSLEY”

I’ve always loved tiny little dogs with big, strong names.  (Sugar Shane Mosley is a professional boxer) :)


I can have a friend.  We can run together.  We can go to Wild Bean together.  He can watch Real Housewives with me! IS THERE ANYTHING THAT COULD BE BETTER?!


I began to CRY like a BABY over the dog until J agreed that I could have him.  

There is this one small problem though...

I AM HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO DOGS.  (and cats and horses and hamsters and basically anything else that’s fun)

BUT I DON'T CARE.  I need a friend more than I need my health at this point.

This is how I won the fight (for a little while at least)...


C- He is not a mutt.  He is a lost puppy with no home, and I need a friend!  It’s perfect!

J- But we are both allergic.

C- I’ll clean every single day.  And we don’t have carpet… so it won’t be as bad!

J- I just don’t think it’s a good idea.


Yes, I did turn into a two year old mid conversation.

J- It isn’t fair when you cry.  You can get the stupid dog.

C- (more tears) WE CAN NAME HIM TIGER! FOR LSU!  (thinking the name change would make my football fan hubs happy)

J- Whatever.

So, the night goes on with me beaming with excitement, and J says, “I’m just going to have to get allergy shots.”

Background info…
J’s BIGGEST fear in life is getting a shot.  He absolutely HATES needles.  He passes out, freaks out, sweats a swimming pool, and cries.  (kidding about the crying)  Kind of…

This makes me think, is my hubby really okay with the puppy, or will he hold it against me for the rest of my (or Tiger's) life?  I go with the ladder.

I decided to keep my hubby as stress free as possible and let Tiger find a home where his owners aren't allergic and having weekly breakdowns and allergy injections.  I have also decided to continue to cry over him until J gets me a fish. (Not as cool, but at least he can't say we're allergic to them!)

So here I am, no friend, no dog, and no life. STILL.  But I did sign up for Yoga class today, and I’m planning on bringing cookies to win people over.


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  1. dude, it's not easy being the new kid! i mean, the city i live in is quite large but let's not forget how i would need to learn german in order to talk to any of these politely, efficient persons.
    i too have become my couch's best friend. but minus the running. we need a solution, cap, bc we are actually extremely cool people.

    i mean, you have knitting and i have a foreign husband to amuse me. how can you get any cooler that that??!