Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Recap

Grilled out with W.

Met Spice a 5 week old foal.

Ate Thai food.

Scolded naughty bath cat.

Followed W up the steep hill.

Bought vintage tins at the flea market.

Farmer's market spoils.

Made a peach cobbler.

Made eggplant parm with a spicy pepper sauce.
Ate an Indian feast with Cap and J.

Played Words with friends with Cap and J.

Won Words with Friends.
Headed south to visit the fams!!
Happy Weekend!

Watched a pretty butterfly.

Visited my favorite bakery.

Lived on Panera Bread's tomato bread for a week.

Had yummy Indian food with Bri and W.

Brought the studying (and kitchen table) outside for the day.

Cooked J a manly dinner.


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